In our quest for the continuous improvement and answering the requirements of professional catering, we are pleased to announce that we have developed a new door for the model PIRA-45.

Model PIRA-45 is our most economical furnace model and one of the most sold ovens worldwide. Its usual destination is for end users that want the authentic charcoal oven for home, or for grill restaurants that by number of guests or for small dimensions in the kitchen choose for this model.



The main advantages of the new door are:

  • Improved design and greater presence.
  • More airtight: the new clasp prevents small leaks of smoke may have with the basic door.
  • The new system to fix the glass that avoids the shrill or annoying noise, made by the tremor that may occur with heavy blows when close the basic door.



In definitive, at our economic model, we have designed and adapted a 100 % professional door!


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