PIRA new brand
New times, new opportunities.

In the difficult times is when people , societies and companies really evolve. The challenge to overcome every day is what makes us evolve and improve every day.
Since this approach is born PIRA.

For over 20 years we have been producing coal ovens and barbecues for other companies worldwide. Now we appear in to the market with our own light. The PIRA brand is born.

We are with our own light, to be in the front line. The responsability that represents the image of our brand is the maximum compromise on quality of our products and services.

We want shine with our own and distinct light.


PIRA offers the most extensive catalog of charcoal ovens.

PIRA, apart from charcoal ovens, manufactures and offers in its catalog; barbecues , smokers , grills … in short, any cooking device that cooks with coal or wood .

PIRA offers maximum quality in all its products.

PIRA offers a immediately speed delivery.

PIRA offers the possibility to create your own oven, grill, barbecue, etc … we are manufacturers, we can produce everything!

PIRA has a clear pricing policy, the most competitive price, always with the highest quality


Barcelona, April 2014