PIRA extends the range “MAGMA BBQ”!

Responding to concerns and suggestions from our customers, we present two new models of barbecues:

BBQ-10 and BBQ-40



These models show the natural evolution of existing models.

Its main features are:

  • Innovative design that combines aesthetics and the “sense” of PIRA barbecues; prepared to work in the harshest environments and in the busiest kitchens.

    New elevation system

  • Both models feature a 4-level positioning system of the hopper grill on both sides of the barbecue. In this way the cook can control the intensity of the grill according to demand. The system allows positioning the chute at two different levels at the same time so as to achieve various types of cooking simultaneously.
  • As an option, we have designed a cover provided of breathers, that allows use the barbecue if is required as a SMOKER function.
  • His design allows, as an option, to incorporate till two rotary Grills! ASADOR FUNCTION!
  • Equipped with special places designed to storage the grills. COMFORTABILITY and FUNCTIONALITY.
  • Equipped with space to store tools and the charcoal.
  • The barbecues are equipped with a shovel for the coal.


In PIRA CHARCOAL OVENS AND BARBECUES, we work every day to become your most reliable partner.

If you have an idea or project, contact us and we will work to make it reality!