We have the pleasure to announce that we have already available the newest PIRA catalog, where we have included the latest novelties and recent changes.

In PIRA, we believe that the information up to date Catalog is an important commercial value. In PIRA CHARCOAL OVENS, you always will find the last novelties and changes updates at our catalog.

Among the most important new features you will find:

  • The new charcoal oven Pira-LUX 45, a second version of PIRA 45, which among other features includes the ability to use grooved grills, and therefore is equipped with a oils collector.
    • A new strongest door designed with the possibility of incorporating a double protection glass.
    • The first charcoal oven that incorporates PIRACOLD in the market.

  • Presentation of PIRACOLD the new integrated cooling system designed and registered by PIRA. The most important results are a drastically reduced external temperature of the oven, saving energy and comfort levels for the chef never seen before far.
    • Although the oven reaches maximum temperatures, the outside structure temperature will never exceed 60Cº.
    • The temperature in the cooking chamber remains hours after the service is finished.
    • Therefore, although the production/hour is the same as in an oven of the same dimensions, you save energy, money because of its low charcoal consumption.
    • With the same amount of charcoal you can cook up to 25% than a charcoal oven without PIRACOLD


In the next edition of the new catalog, that will be available in the coming weeks, the PIRACOLD option will be available for all models.


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