The first of a new generation of charcoal ovens that is revolutionizing the world of catering. Its features, performance, economy and measures make this charcoal ovens as the most profitable.

This is the first worldwide oven incorporating PIRACOLD, the revolutionary cooling system designed and registered by PIRA, the most important effects are the decreased outer oven temperature and energy savings.

When the oven reaches its maximum operating temperature, the outer is maintained around 60ºC.

piracold in action

The temperature inside the cooking chamber is maintained for hours, even after the service is finished. Thus, although production is equal that other oven with the same dimensions, this oven saves energy and money; because of there is a very low charcoal consumption. The same amount of charcoal can be used to cook up to 25% than an charcoal oven without PIRACOLD.


New internal airflow regulator


Elegance and design


Double evacuation hot air and smoke

recogedor de grasas

Internal collector for oil


Opcional grooved grill

Quality finishings

The oven incorporates an internal grease collector, allowing use of grooved grills to cook chicken, chorizo, bacon and all kinds of greasy foods, avoiding flames in the oven and thus burn food.

Equipped with exclusive details and superb finishes; front bezel for the external oil collector, lateral drawer to drive the grease and oils of the internal collector, new internal air flow regulator, internal firewall, ash catcher, double outlet of smoke and hot air, reinforced structure of the door with possibility of double glass shield.

All kinds of food can be cooked: meat, fish and vegetable. The oven is fitted with a high temperature glass door, that will withstand temperatures up to 750ºC allowing you to view the food whilst cooking, this helps to maintain oven temperature and reduces charcoal consumption.

3 possible finishes




Combinations with accessories

Pira 45 LUX + LUX hat


Pira 45 LUX + external firewall

+ hat


Pira 45 lux + external airflow regulator +

external firewall + hat