news catalogue 2015

We have the pleasure to announce that we have already available the newest PIRA catalog, where we have included the latest novelties and recent changes.

In PIRA, we believe that the information up to date Catalog is an important commercial value. In PIRA CHARCOAL OVENS, you always will find the last novelties and changes updates at our catalog.

In the new catalog there are important novelties as new accessories for ovens and barbecues, the new grills’s design … but above all these novelties we must emphasize the new range of ovens PIRA LUX: the model PIRA 45 LUX and the model PIRA 50 LUX.


The range PIRA LUX is the first range of charcoal ovens that offers the PIRACOLD, the revolutionary cooling system designed and registered by PIRA, the most important effects are the decreased outer oven temperature and energy savings.
When the oven reaches its maximum operating temperature, the outer is maintained around 60ºC.


The PIRA Lux range, for its characteristics has become as the most profitable and innovative charcoal ovens line in the world.


  • Specifically the PIRA 45 LUX unlike the model 45, incorporates as all the rest of the PIra ovens, the possibility to use grooved grills because of it is equipped with collector of fats and oils. It is ideal for small / medium establishments or for restaurants where the grill is an additional line in the menu. The best oven at best price!
  • In reference to the model PIRA 50 LUX, we have designed it to become it as the essential and indispensable charcoal oven for those establishments or restaurants where the grill is the main menu line. The best oven in the world at the best price!


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