Pira has the honor to announce the start a very special collaboration, after reaching an agreement with the chef Amador Fernandez, to promote our brand, demonstrations and product development.

Amador Fernandez is one of the most important Andalusian chefs, and one of the Spanish chefs with more international projection. Chef Amador currently belongs to the culinary group Gastroarte, and after a long and intense career, manages the Hotel Villa Guadalupe and the Restaurant Amador.

Pira Charcoal Ovens & Amador
Amador & Horno brasa Pira 45 lux black

Amador is a great lover of grilled & smoked flavours, and this idea is firmly present in the dishes offered at his restaurant. After a long process of research and experimentation he has arrived to PIRA.

A month after to buy one of our charcoal ovens series LUX, and in view of the excellent results obtained, he contacted PIRA to transmit us his great satisfaction, and offered his experience and vision of future to help us and participate to further develop our products. Always with the common idea to offer to chefs worldwide, the charcoal ovens with the smallest and studied details, in order to get to reach the highest levels of gastronomic excellence and expand the horizons and possibilities that our charcoal ovens offer to the modern cuisine.

Briefly, the main features that made him bet for Pira are:

  • The LUX range with the revolutionary PIRACOLD; exclusivity of product and comfort in the workplace.
  • Production capacity and working speed of the PIRA charcoal ovens when is required.
  • Possibilities of the PIRA charcoal ovens with all type of dishes, either in the process of full development or a phase of the dish(endings, smoky, crispy, etc.).
  • Panoramic glass door; lets the chef control the cooking chamber without opening the door. The chef opens the door less often, and spends less energy and coal.
  • The fact that our PIRA charcoal ovens have an internal fat collector and the possibility of using grooved grills to prevent flames when is required.


We will keep you informed!

Horno de brasa Pira 45 lux inox

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