We announce our latest novelty, the biggest charcoal oven of the world.

The Pira 120 LUX has the largest grill of the market, with a size of 1070 x 645 mm, which gives a production capacity never seen before in an charcoal oven.

The oven Pira 120 LUX has 7 level guides to position the grills, making of our new creature as the charcoal oven more versatile and productive of the world.

As all the charcoal ovens Lux range, is equipped with PIRACOLD, the revolutionary isolation system. And obviously is also equipped with the internal oil collector than let you use our exclusive grooved grills, avoiding the flames and the possibility to burn the food.

The grease is collected in a drawer comfortably separated from the ash, facilitating cleaning.

The panoramic glass door resistant to 750ºC guarantees a perfect view of the entire grill with no dead zones, to give the exact doneness of the meats, vegetables and fishes. This oven as the rest of our ovens is designed to be placed, if is possible, in view of customers to provide a spectacular view of the most authentic grilling.

As usual, it is available in three finishes: Classic, Black and Inox.

With the new Pira 120 LUX you will get the largest cooking surface inside an oven with the highest quality and the best finishes.

And of course, all at a PIRA’s price.

Pira 120 LUX: the grilling to the maximum exponent.

Horno de brasa Pira 120 LUX

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