Restaurante Katagorri

Have you never been in ALICANTE?

Another restaurant has bet for PIRA CHARCOAL OVENS.

The restaurant KATAGORRI, commanded by the Chef Asier Alonso and the chef Aitor Saratxaga, has placed a charcoal oven PIRA 45 LUX BLACK.

In KATAGORRI, one of the most exclusive and popular restaurant in Alicante you will enjoy the authentic basque cuisine, and exclusive “pintxos” that have become a culinary art. Delights that you’ll never forget.

The charcoal oven has become the central element for this restaurant, where you will find the authentic grilling “PIRA” flavour.

The chefs, after one week making a very heavy use of the grill have commented:

-We don’t know why we have taken so long to put a Pira Charcoal Oven!

-The results at the flavour of our dishes are spectacular!

Restaurante Katagorri

C/ Rambla Méndez Núñez, 35

Teléfono 965 15 35 17