Problems with small kitchens? Thinking about installing a “food truck” establishment?

Can you imagine working in a small kitchen like this, with a charcoal oven? Minimum at 300 degrees …and without it being hell!¬†Imagine a sale point in a food truck, with a charcoal oven … without heat problems?

Pira, introduces the new series of charcoal ovens LUX with PIRACOLD that lets you work with maximum comfort! The Temperature inside the cooking chamber is maintained for hours even after the service is finished. Therefore, even if the output per hour can be as energy and money is saved in an oven of their same dimensions.

Low coal consumption considerably. The same load of coal can be used to cook up to 25% on oven roasted without PIRACOLD.

Problems of heat! Never again!

Pira Charcoal Ovens, the smartest choice.


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