Barbacoa modular BBQ-M120
Barbacoa modular BBQ-M120 con accesorio parrilla asador

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new model of charcoal barbecue.

The new BBQ-M120 is like the BBQ-MULTIFUNCIONAL but somewhat smaller and with totally modular dimensions.

Following the directions of our users, we have decided to launch this new BBQ, which sure will facilitate their integration into smaller places, or place it in substitution of other elements in an existing kitchen space.

The BBQ-M120 lets you cooking with multiple ways and styles: with grooved grills to avoid the flames, with standard rod grills, skewers, rotating spits …

The BBQ-M120 like the models BBQ-M80 and BBQ-MULTIFUNCIONAL lets you control the intensity of the cooking through the system of lifting charcoal hopper.

In PIRA, in cuestion of charcoal ovens and charcoal barbecues, we will always be by your side!

Do you like healthy food? Do you “barbecuing”? The most important chefs already do it!

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