Since its launch, the PIRA 120 LUX, the largest charcoal oven of the world, has had a great acceptance.

As an example, we want to talk about an oven recently installed at the La Torre de les Aigües.

La Torre de les Aigües is a famous restaurant in Granollers, city located at north of Barcelona, that has recently acquired the charcoal oven Pira 120 LUX Inox, replacing its former open grill barbecue.

The change in words of Isidre, its owner, has been “spectacular.” With a daily 130 service menus at noon, one of its main problems was the speed of service, along with the ability of the grill, since much of their menu is based on grilled meats. With its grill of 1060 x 625, the work has become much more comfortable and they have checked the enormous speed of our charcoal ovens Pira with Piracold® at the daily kitchen work.

Another point that has surprised them most was the enormous coal savings: “We are spending a third of the usual amount. It’s amazing”, he says in the kitchen.

Piracold® allows great coal economy, as it keeps the temperature inside much longer than other brands, while helping to improve the working comfort in the kitchen.

As the LUX ovens have PIRACOLD, allow to you to place an oven beside a tile wall without these suffer any damage, as seen in the photographs.

It is also interesting to note the glass screen protector detail. Thus the comfort at the kitchen is superb.

We encourage you to visit La Torre de les Aigües and taste firsthand the genuine Pira flavour.

Restaurant La Torre de les Aigües

Torre de les Aigües S/N 08401 Granollers, Barcelona

Teléfono: 938 70 69 45
horno brasa pira 120 lux
horno brasa pira 120 lux
horno brasa pira 120 lux
horno brasa pira 120 lux
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