Bus Chef y Pira hornos brasa

The food truck fashion spreads throughout the world in a way unstoppable.

Every day more caterers and hospitality professionals who decide to step forward in its business and add a mobile food post as a new line of business.

A clear example can be our friends of Bus Chef, in Jaén,  who have recently opened their spectacular red british double-decker bus, which leaves no one indifferent.

At the moment installed, in the Plaza Corte Inglés, Bus Chef offers haute british cuisine through this original mobile food restaurant.

The stars of the menu are “pastrami” of beef and the “pulled pork”, both very elaborate recipes following the knowledges and advices of the worldwide famous chef Amador Fernández. And of course, to get the most authentic flavour ,all is cooked in a Pira charcoal oven.

The model chosen is the Pira-45 LUX Classic, in perfect harmony with the colours of the restaurant. And to meet demand and taking advantage of the great capacity of this charcoal oven, it has installed a second rod grid, doubling the space dedicated to the grill.

In the choice of the PIRA Charcoal Oven for this project, apart of the high production of the ovens, have been decisive our own, exclusive and unique features offered by our brand with the PIRACOLD. The PIRACOLD drastically reduces the external temperature of the charcoal oven making it ideal for establishments with small kitchens or small spaces as usually are the food-trucks. With PIRA Charcoal Ovens you can cook at high temperatures at kitchens with “continuous service and non-stop” and with the maximum comfort.

We invite you to visit the Bus Chef in Jaen and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep enjoying their gastronomy with the authentic Pira flavour.

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