Pira since its inception offers to its customers the possibility of demonstrations to know how to work with the Pira Ovens and its advantages.

Recently, in the quest for continuous improvement we have reached a collaboration agreement for the most demanding showcooking internationally with the young and well known chef Jordi Limón, representative of the new culinary trends that are triumphing in Barcelona for their originality and creativity, authenticity of flavors and products … with these principles, was only a matter of time this connection between Pira Charcoal Ovens and the Chef Jordi Limon, a convinced and committed with the cooking “slow food”, ecological and “Km 0”.

We attach photos of an international showcooking with the renowned chef and member of “slow food”, where he demonstrates to the many attendees the variety of dishes and the enormous versatility of Pira Ovens.

The Pira Oven is the model PIRA 45 LUX Inox, ideal for restaurants of small / medium capacity, and with the best investment return of the market, thanks to its affordable price and Piracold system that delivers great save of coal consumption.

Meats, fishes, rices, vegetables and even desserts of fruit delicious, delight attendees who are always very surprised with the possibilities of Pira Ovens.

Our chefs explain in detail the different textures and finishes that you can get with Pira Charcoal Ovens, cooking at different temperatures thanks to the Piracold.

Also explain the advantages of the panoramic glass, that let the chefs see all the time the cooking chamber and the progress of their preparations, which is the key to give the right point each plate.

New showcookings are already programmed worldwide. If you are interested in knowing what the next Pira event near you, or directly you want to become the protagonist of one of our showcookings, don’t hesitate write us and we will inform you.

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