We end the year 2015 with the news that a new and famous restaurant has opted for our brand, the Restaurant Cal Tallon, in Olesa de Montserrat in Barcelona.

Cal Tallon, run by renowned chef Josep Tallon, is deservedly famous among lovers of good food, that know the good abilities of Josep in the kitchen. Actors Imanol Arias and Juan Echanove are regulars at this Restaurant on their visits to Barcelona and chefs like Martin Berasategui or Floren Domezain share often table with the chef Tallón.

The restaurant has incorporated into its kitchen the oven PIRA 45 LUX INOX, following the latest culinary trends, allowing to the chef to give the perfect touch at his culinary creations.

The Cal Tallón menu is based on the highest quality products, so Josep carefully selects his suppliers to offer to his customers and friends the best and only the best. Proof of this is its careful and appreciated wine cellar, where boasting some of the best wines that can be tasted in our country today. It was therefore logical that when choosing his charcoal oven, the choice were Pira, offering an unparalleled level of performance at the best possible price.

The Chef Tallón has told us, the decisive factors behind his choice:

  • The possibility to use our grooved grills, allowing you to give the desired finish to the most complex dishes without fear of spoiling the delicate elaborations with the flames.
  • Panoramic glass door that allows to control at all times the cooking chamber of the oven.
  • The PIRACOLD, the unique and patented PIRA’s system that reduces the external temperature of the oven, reduces coal consumption and again makes more comfortable the work of the chef.

In the near future we will inform you about new dishes that the Chef Josep Tallón elaborate in his new Pira charcoal oven, to the delight of his friends and guests.

Restaurante Cal Tellon

C/ Jaume de Viver, 15

08640 Olesa de Montserrat

Tel. +34 937 78 08 47

The oven has been installed by INFRIGRUP, a specialist Pira’s distributor in Barcelona.

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