Obviously we do not speak of the historic city of Mesopotamia. We talk about the chain of restaurants BABILONIA!

The manager of the BABILONIA chain has decided to incorporate in its restaurant situated in one of the most visited places in Barcelona, ​​the Sagrada Familia, our charcoal oven PIRA 45 LUX BLACK.

Babilonia restaurants have great prestige and tradition in Barcelona, ​​specialize in all kinds of Mediterranean cuisine, and now the thousands and thousands of Babylon users may enjoy the authentic “taste” Pira in their menu.

As they told us, there have been two decisive factors behind their choice:

  • The panoramic glass door that will allow the chef comfortably control at all times the cooking chamber of the oven, while users will see the spectacle of the fire and embers offered by our ovens. At this point it is important to highlight that the BABILONIA has an “open kitchen”, at sight of diners.
  • The PIRACOLD, the PIRA unique patented system that reduces the external temperature of the oven and again impact in terms of comfort chef working in the kitchen and also logically carbon savings.


The oven has been installed by FRIBAL, distributor of our brand.

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