The Pira charcoal ovens, like any other conventional oven, can cook all kinds of dishes … although obviously the substantial difference lies in the taste that the dishes acquire when they are cooked in one of our charcoal ovens without electricity or gas.

Meat, fish, vegetables, “paella”…. everything can be cooked in a Pira charcoal oven. And obviously, now that we are in full season of “calçots“, these ovens are also ideal to cooking these types of unique and original onion of Catalonia, and more specifically of Tarragona region.

Although the culture of the “calçots” is increasingly widespread, even internationally, if you are of these persones taht take a plane to come to Barcelona only to enjoy the weekend, ​​today we want to recommend the restaurant La Figuera, that some weeks ago acquired a charcoal oven of our brand, and every weekend is offering the best grilled meat and the best “calçotades”!

The manager of the restaurant la Figuera when choosing how to cook the “calçots” found four decisive arguments to choose our oven PIRA 50 LUX BLACK:

  • The unmistakable flavor of grilled that deserves this delicacy, only could be given by a PIRA oven.
  • The PIRACOLD, the PIRA unique patented system that reduces the external temperature of the oven. Very important in this case, the cooking of “calçots” requires constant fire and flames, that initially gives off a great heat in the kitchen. With PIRA and the PIRACOLD this problem is solved!
  • The panoramic glass door that will allow the chef comfortably control at all times the cooking chamber of the oven, while users will see the spectacle of the fire and embers offered by our ovens. At this point it is important to highlight that the restaurant has an “open kitchen”, at sight of diners, so customers can enjoy the unique spectacle of the fire! Customers see the “authenticity of the restaurant”.
  • The Large production capacity of the oven, equipped with six guides and allowing to cook with several grills at the same time.

In April approximately, ends the calçots season, but if you are thinking to enjoy this good plan, don’t be late to book … it’s always full!


Restaurante La Figuera

Avda. Baix Llobregat, 27

08940 Cornellà de llobregat


The oven has been installed by our distributor Joaquin Navarro of the company NAVAFIC.

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