The chef Hector Sortino offers in its new Restaurant in Barcelona the best argentinean “asados” and the best argentinean flavours in general, thanks to its new Pira Charcoal Oven 45 LUX with PIRACOLD.

Hector is an experienced chef who knows the chances of a charcoal oven, the result of his work for example in the famous Bar Mut, and he has had the opportunity to cook with an oven of other brand.

It is from this experience that has chosen a Pira charcoal Oven, for his new project. The unique characteristics of our ovens allow him to get the flavors and textures that Hector Sortino looks for his dishes.

And above all, the chef Sortino highlights the panoramic glass door of the Pira Ovens, allowing the customers see the process of elaboration of the meat that the chef prepares while enjoying the vision of the embers and fire. The combination is perfect: comfort at work for the Chef Sortino while the sense of the cooking spectacle is highlighted at maximum.

Today Hector has surprised their customers with an excellent “rack of pork” that he has been cooking all night with the embers of the previous day. A unique possibility of Pira Ovens thanks to the Piracold system. Piracold, the cooling and insulation system that reduces the outside temperature, reduces coal consumption and makes more comfortable the work.

The restaurant is catching on throughout the neighborhood and there are many customers who choose not to move to the city center to enjoy the best cuisine. Proof of this are the excellent comments that the Restaurant El Bou gets on Tripadvisor and other restaurant searchers.

If you want to enjoy the best argentinean “asados”, do not hesitate and come to El Bou. Enjoy the experience!

Bar – Restaurant El Bou

C/ Escultor Llimona, 7 bis

08031 Barcelona

Tel 685 778 014

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