Ta Te Tí is the original name of a new Uruguayan Grill Restaurant which has recently opened in Barcelona.

Located in the Villa Olimpica, one of the areas with greatest projection city since Olympic Games celebrated in the city. Ta Te Ti is defined as Asador, so the decision to choose a charcoal oven was at the center of the project from the beginning.  Gabriela, the owner and specialist in uruguayan cuisine, had clear from the beginning that the oven must to meet a series of requirements that only offer the Pira Ovens: glass door, Piracold, and the starting up made by one of our chefs.

The model chosen was the Pira-49 LUX Black, who for their ability perfectly meets the needs of the restaurant. For convenience, the oven has been placed on one of our bunker tables equipped with wheels and enough space to put a large charcoal sack.

Complementing the security of the oven, it installed an external firebreak.

The installation has been done by our distributor Marin i Batlle, who also been responsible for smokes extraction system installation.

The starting up of the oven has been made by our assessor chef Toni, who explained the lighting operation, cleaning and maintenance and  finally cooked some typical Uruguayan cuisine, famous for its grilled dishes (bowels, sweetbreads, etc.).

From now on in Barcelona, if you want to enjoy authentic Uruguayan cuisine and the experience of the authentic “Pira” flavour, you have another restaurant to go:

Restaurante Asador Uruguayo Ta Te Tí

Avda. Icaria, 132 bis


Tel. 931 62 05 74

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