The technology allows us to recover the love of tradition

Jordi Limon, owner of the Restaurant Somorrostro in Barcelona and Assessor Chef of Pira, is a professional with a cuisine modern style, with innovative ideas, and without give up the tradition. Committed with proximity cuisine, where the product is the protagonist, this chef is committed with organic food and seasonal to get recover the uniqueness of the food. In fact, at the Jordi’s restaurants are supplied in much of an orchard where they grow their own vegetables and vegetables according to the theory of bio-dynamics.


-What is the main feature that must have a charcoal oven to ensure the quality service?

-Power. The great strength of the charcoal ovens is that they get very high temperatures making sealing food, this makes loss of juices is less, then the foods are juicier and we obtain the Maillard reaction (caramelization of natural sugars of the foods) very fast.

-How has influenced the evolution of technology in improving the quality of the elaboration?

-The Modern kitchen for many years has tended to forget the coal and the embers, the triumph of chrome plates and the modern convection ovens over the coal. But for some years we are returning to regain the love for tradition, renewing it at the same time with the modern technology. This is precisely what you get with these ovens: the traditional flavor that we all have in mind, but with advanced technology and better performance. The improvements provided by these ovens are: temperature rise given by good insulation, coal increased performance, reduction of smokes, cooking speed, responsiveness and temperature stability. For this reason the Pira Ovens are currently triumphing, because they represent a clear improvement of traditional grills.

-Is the Pira Oven a plus for your restaurant?

-Yes, clearly, because there are not a similar element, neither the smokes in powder, neither the aromas, neither the smokes …, nothing gets the genuine taste of the charcoal. Do not forget that since the fire was discovered until just 100 years ago, men have only cooked with charcoal. This makes our taste memory have the taste of grill deeply rooted. For that reason there is no one to says that the taste of grill does not like. The unique problem so far has been the inefficient charcoal grills respect to chrome plates. But with the new wave of coal ovens this has been solved. For this reason, it is a plus for my establishment to have one of these Pira Ovens.

-Besides quality, what other services you consider when you decide for one brand or another? Production capacity, sales service …

-I have a small restaurant. So that factors such as production capacity are not as important to me, but if I had a hotel chain, for example, this would be one aspect to consider. Factors like a good after sales service are also very important, because are new products and susceptible to have problems, or to have small questions to be solved quickly, whether regarding the installation, commissioning, operation, etc. On the other hand, the price is always a key issue for small restaurants like mine. And finally, another important aspect is that the company has a basic stock of charcoal ovens, because at the time to make the restaurant all goes very quickly and the machinery is needed quickly installed.

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