Every day more restaurants are incorporating the “PIRA grilling concept” in their kitchens. Not only for burgers, bistros, asadores, etc… in many restaurants the PIRA oven gives this touch of “smoked” or “grilled”… and perhaps the chef only uses the PIRA oven in a part of the cooking process… From this base, one of the style of restaurants that are incorporating with more naturality our ovens are the “italian restaurants”.

We have the pleasure to announce and as an example, that the Restaurante Pizzeria Trastevere, another prestigious restaurant has chosen a PIRA oven.

The chosen oven by the restaurant has been the model PIRA 50 LUX BLACK. Once again, the oven has been placed in a visible place of the kitchen for the diners. In this way, through the glass doors, the diners can enjoy an authentic spectacle of fire and embers. From now on, those who love cooking with charcoal ovens have an appointment in the historic city of Ponferrada. From Ponferrada to Italy through the most spectacular dishes. The restaurant that was opened in 1983 is ubicated in the same Town Hall Square.

The decision to choose our brand, according to the owner and by the hand of our distributor Benjamin (Mantenimientos Hosteleros), has been motivated by the versatility and own and unique characteristics that only offered him our Pira Ovens:

  • Charcoal ovens of high quality and production.
  • The Piracold, the system that dramatically reduces the outside temperature and also reduces coal consumption.
  • The integrated oil and grease collector and hence the option of cooking with grooved grills.
  • The fully panoramic glass that allows a perfect view to the chef and diners.


Restaurant Pizzeria Trastevere

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 8


Phone: + 34-987 41 90 64


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