We have the pleasure to announce that Pira Charcoal Ovens is going to be present at COMMERCIAL KITCHEN 2016 in BIRMINGHAM, from next June 6 to June 8.


The catering equipment show

7 –8 June


Stand C15

Pira, company with a global market concept and a presence in over 45 countries, has bet for THE CATERING EQUIPMENT SHOW 2016, a reference Exhibition in United Kingdom.

Besides the many novelties, we will have the presence of our friend and famous spanish Chef Amador Fernández that has made a break at his busy agenda with his restaurant, hotel and in other international compromises to offer to the english visitors the authentic spectacle of the fire and embers that make our firm as one of the international reference at the profesional market of the Hospitality Industry.

The public will see “in direct” our own and unique characteristics of our ovens compared with other options.

  • High professional quality ovens at reasonable prices.
  • Presentation of the world’s largest charcoal oven, the PIRA 120 LUX model.
  • The Piracold: cooling system and insulation that reduces the outside temperature, reduces coal consumption and makes more comfortable the work.
  • Built-in collector for oils and greases, and therefore the option to cook with grooved grills. The grooved grill allows you to cook without fear of flames and fires in delicate foods (fishes, some vegetables) and / or greasy foods (chicken, duck …).
  • Fully panoramic glass that allows a perfect view. The chef opens less often the door (comfort at work), and at the same time at the open kitchens, allows to the customers see the dishes that the chef prepares while enjoying the vision of the embers and fire. The combination is perfect: comfort at work while the sense of the cooking spectacle is highlighted at maximum.
  • Kit chimney: Pira incorporates as standard a built-in airflow regulator and a built-in firebreak. Although external accessories are also available, and you can make multiple combinations

And more novelties that we will present for the first time and in exclusivity at the salon.

Still you don’t know the irresistible effects of the cooking “made in Pira”?

Don’t let that others explain it to you … we will be waiting for you!

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