From the next 8th to June 11 is celebrating the ninth edition of Alimentec, the reference fair for the sector of the Food Industry and Catering Equipment of Colombia and Latin America in general. The event takes place in the Corferias Convention Centre in Bogotá, and has the presence of over 700 exhibitors from 21 countries. In this edition is expected to double the previous figure of 26,000 visitors.

This year the event is stronger because of the alliance with Koelnmesse Alimentec and fair ANUGA, the main world’s event of food industry and drink industry.

It is evident that in front of these perspectives our brand could not miss such at special show for all Latin America. By the hand of our colombian exclusive distributor, the company JAVAR, you will find our charcoal ovens in the booth 101, 102 and 114. Our Assessor Chef, Toni Timpani, jointly with Javar’s corporate chef, Chef Francisco Pinzon will make live demonstrations and “non stop” all days of the Fair.

Visitors will see three of the most representative models of PIRA, the oven Pira-45 LUX (width 70 cms), the oven Pira-50 LUX (width 90 cms) and the oven Pira-120 LUX (width 120 cm), with all the necessary accessories.

In this way and once again, it will be a good opportunity to see the oven that is revolutionizing the international scene of the Catering Equipment since its introduction in HOST MILANO in October last year; the Charcoal Oven Pira-120 LUX, the world’s largest charccoal oven ideated for a minimum capacity of 175 covers.

Pira Charcoal Ovens, the original one, and with inimitable characteristics:

  • Charcoal Ovens with Piracold: cooling system and insulation that reduces the outside temperature, reduces coal consumption and makes more comfortable the work.
  • Charcoal Ovens with an integrated collector for oils and greases, and therefore the option to cook with grooved grills. The grooved grill allows you to cook without fear of flames and fires in delicate foods (fishes, some vegetables) and / or greasy foods (chicken, duck …).
  • Charcoal Ovens with fully panoramic glass that allows a perfect view. The chef opens less often the door (comfort at work), and at the same time at the open kitchens, allows to the customers see the dishes that the chef prepares while enjoying the vision of the embers and fire. The combination is perfect: comfort at work while the sense of the cooking spectacle is highlighted at maximum.
  • Charcoal Ovens with an air regulator and an internal firebreak integrated. Although external accessories are also available, and you can make multiple combinations.

Alimentec 2016


Feria Internacional de la Alimentación

Bogotá – Colombia

del 8 al 11 de Junio

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