On the eve of the new catalog of Pira Charcoal Ovens that we are going to launch soon, and as the result of our collaborations with chefs from around the world, we anticipate a new and yet essential accessory for our charcoal ovens: The Warming Tray or also called Tray of Tempering.

The new warming trays come in five sizes to fit itself perfectly to all sizes of charcoal ovens currently in the catalog of Pira.

The new warming trays or trays of Tempering, of great design and robustness, makes the most space of the oven and the energy, using the residual heat in the top of the charcoal oven, for different functions:

  • As its first and original name suggests, to keeping warm dishes or trays deposited on the warming tray. Normally cooked garrisons of the main dishes to cook, or garrisons than only need the final touch of cooking on the charcoal oven.
  • Temper the cold foods before cooking, especially meat.


Do you need your Tray of Tempering? Do you want a brochure? Here you can download the leaflet.

Take advantage of all the space and power of your oven with new Pira Warming Trays!

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