Hornos Brasa Pira y Martín Berasategui

The Chef Martin Berasategui, one of the most important chefs of the world and of all the contemporary history awarded with seven Michelin stars, also bets for the products “Made in Pira”.

After almost two years working with the Pira Charcoal BBQ MULTIFUNCTIONAL and after check its superb performance, has decided to incorporate a Pira Charcoal Oven in his kitchen. The chosen model has been the Pira-90 LUX INOX (ancient Pira-50 LUX Inox) and the oven has been installed at the restaurant Martin Berasategui in Lasarte-Oria, awarded with three Michelin stars. This is the restaurant that takes mostly of his time.

The Chef Martin Berasategui has acquired the oven with various accessories, which we want to highlight:

  • Extra rod grills, that let him to cook at different positions into the oven at the same time when the kitchen is very busy.
  • A grooved grill, ideal to cook without fear of flames and fires in delicate foods as fishes and / or greasy foods.
  • The Warming Tray: accessory that allows him to keeping warm dishes or trays deposited on. Normally cooked garrisons of the main dishes to cook, or garrisons than only need the final touch of cooking on the charcoal oven. It’s also used to temper foods before cooking, especially meat.
  • The Bunker Table, specially designed to store the most essential oven’s tools and also the charcoal of  various services. Strong wheels, and the possibility to fix the oven at the table, allows him take out the oven from the kitchen to the terrace garden, and he cooks in front of the most distinguished guests when he wants.

As he can move the barbecue and the oven to the terrace, Mr. Berasategui has the unique opportunity to enjoy jointly with the guests of the “spectacle of the fire”.

We summarize that he explains about the ovens in the video that we record at the same terrace of the restaurant.

“… with the Pira Charcoal Oven, controlling the agressiveness of the charcoal you can cook everything …”
“… I usually cook vegetables, fish, seafood, meats, rices, noodle dishes, cereals … absolutely everything …”
“… the other day I made a cheese cake that was awesome!”


We summarize that he explains about the BBQ:

“… the Pira BBQ is truly wonderful.  In the BBQ I’ve cooked whole pieces of lamb … I’ve cooked all types of fishes, here I’ve cooked everything”

The video was recorded only once without repetition , it was totally spontaneous, without any preparation for our part and giving the word to the famous chef. Is for it, that is the final part of the video that thrills and prides to us when the Chef Martin Berasategui literally says:

“It is truly wonderful, In this house we are delighted with Pira, and it is not strange that Pira has the admiration of the whole world”


We leave you with the video and a small selection of photos. Garrote!

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