We have the pleasure to announce that Pira Charcoal Ovens, has designed and developed hand in hand with the best chefs, a new line of cookware of cast aluminum specially for the charcoal ovens that consists in casseroles with handles or without, and gastronorm trays, ideal for working on the high temperatures of the charcoal ovens.

Line of accessories totally artisan, manufactured one by one, but with the most advanced gravity casting technique. The gravity casting ensures the maximum toughness of the molecular structure, and therefore a higher resistance at the temperatures that is not comparable at the mass productions manufactured by injection, that are exposed to deformations in times of continuous high temperatures.

The molecular structure of the Pira cookware pieces, together with the high thermal conductivity of the material, are a guarantee of a uniform and rapid distribution of temperature and thus ensures a perfect cooking. To ensure maximum heat conduction, the bottom of the pieces are diamond ground.

The top of the pieces is coated with Teflon of highest quality, ensuring maximum durability and easy cooking to work with optimal results.

The Cookware Pira, guarantee the authentic “Pira flavour”.

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