Every day more and more restaurants are already planned from the beginning with the idea that its customers enjoy the incomparable flavor “made in Pira” that offer our charcoal ovens, and at the same time let the customers enjoy the spectacle of the fire. It is in these restaurants where the PIRA OVENS have their greatest success. Restaurants are authentic, where everything is taught and is delighted from the start.

In this summer 2016, we are pleased to announce that one of the most successful new restaurants of the Costa del Sol, has acquired a Pira Charcoal Oven, and now is a superb ambassador of our brand.

Until now there were many reasons to decide to go to Costa del Sol, but without a doubt the restaurant “PURA SANGRE” by the hand of the famous chefs Paco Flores and Raúl González, makes it an obligatory appointment for the visitors with the “best palate” and the desire to live unforgettable moments.

The restaurant enjoys one of the most exclusive terraces of the city, and a great atmosphere that mixes with the best modern cuisine and signature cuisine, always with the exclusive taste “PIRA” in most of the dishes.


Boulevard de la Cala

29649 La Cala de Mijas

Mijas, Spain


The best meat, fish and vegetables… Do you dare?

It was evident that there were other possible options to mount the restaurant, but the decision to choose our brand, according to the owner and our exclusive distributor, Refrigeración Rosales has been motivated by the versatility and unique characteristics that only offer our charcoal ovens:

  • High professional quality ovens at reasonable prices
  • Piracold: cooling system and insulation that reduces the outside temperature, reduces coal consumption and makes more comfortable the work.
  • Built-in collector for oils and greases, and therefore the option to cook with grooved grills.
  • Fully panoramic glass that allows a perfect view. The chef opens less often the door, and in this case that the oven is at sight of the customers, let the customers see the spectacle of the fire

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