The restaurant Jean des Sables, owned of the famous chef Jean Coussau (Relais de la Poste, Côté Quillier) is located in front of the Atlantic Ocean, on the dunes beach of Hossegor, in the French region of Landes.

Some years ago Mr. Coussau (2 Michelinstars) made the gamble to open a gourmet restaurant on the beach. And for this bet he had the invaluable help of his trusted chef, the young Patrice Lubet, formed with Jean Coussau and also recognized for years in the prestigious Gault & Millau guide. The specialty of Jean des Sables, of course are the seafood, which Patrice carefully selects each morning in the market Cap Breton, to the delight of diners. Lobsters, oysters, squid, crabs … not to mention vegetables and fresh fruit from local farmers, that adorn the menu of this extraordinary restaurant.

This year, the chef Lubet decided to incorporate at the menu the taste of grilled, for which and after trying different brands and models, he decided for a charcoal oven Pira-49 LUX INOX. The modular size of the oven, the panoramic glass door, the possibility to using grooved grills and especially the strength of the materials, were the arguments that decided his choice.

The Chef Lubet literally says, that the Pira Charcoal Oven gives at his seafood and fishes “the soft scent of grilled that he was looking for.” Will get chef Lubet the next Michelin star for Jean des Sables with his Pira Charcoal Oven? The time will tell us.

Therefore, if you are on holiday in the Landes and you have the opportunity to go close to Hossegor, we firmly recommend to you don’t forget to taste the cuisine of Jean des Sables, whose flavors will captivate to you while your view will be delighted by the amazing beach and the immensity of the ocean

Restaurant Jean des Sables

121, Boulevard de la Dune

40150 Hossegor – France


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