Rustic cookware for charcoal ovens

Pira Charcoal Ovens in search of the authentic flavors and also ancestral images has designed and developed a “rustic” cookware line.

Ceramic is a material used for cooking since prehistoric times, with its own characteristics that give a great finish and unique flavor to stews and roasts.

Like the charcoal ovens and the cast aluminum cookware, this rustic line of cookware is also completely handmade, manufactured by hand, piece by piece. Manufacturing techniques for this cookware line go back hundreds of years and collect the experiences and wisdom of the most important craftsmen. The only element manufacturing for this line is the clay.

It may seem simple and basic, but it is not, quite the opposite. To manufacture this line of cookware, we have to go find the best clay that can be found today with a high refractory qualities without ferritic elements to ensure again unsurpassed molecular structure. Similarly, we must take care extreme form about the extraction and manipulation of the clay. The final result are unique pieces of clay and ultra resistant to high charcoal oven temperatures and the fire.

The more you use, more become hardened, reaching temperatures up to 1000 degrees without danger of breaking. Thus the heat resistance of the rustic pieces of Pira is significantly higher than the pieces of cast aluminum and obviously to the cookware of mud that is available commercially handmade or not.

The clay pots allow slower cooking resulting in more tender and juicy food, at the same time they highlight their flavors and aromas, better preserving nutrients, contributing to a healthier diet.

If you want to give a more rustic and authentic image of the grill, this is your cookware line.

The secret of Pira cookware is in the clay!

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