From 23 to 26 October is celebrating a new edition of HOSTELCO, one of the leader exhibitions in the hospitality and catering equipment in Europe.

During these four days, the most important brands and companies show the latest products and novelties to the visitors. Visitors will find the showcookings “NON STOP” leadered by the chef Jordi Limón together with several invited collaborators chefs.

Our location is:

Gran Via Venue

Hall 3 Booth D431

Visitors will see the most representative models of PIRA and many important novelties. Some of these great novelties will be discovered in scoop during the same HOSTELCO.

But as main star, we can explain that we will present for the first time in Hostelco the biggest charcoal oven of the world and with a production capacity that is not comparable. The charcoal oven model PIRA 120 LUX, which also presents new and surprising accessories.

It is also worth noting, the official presentation and first time in a fair of the two new lines of cookware, specially designed to cook in  charcoal ovens: the line of hand-cast aluminium, and the “rustic” cookware line.

At the fair, you can find more options, which is why we specially invite you to come:  see, touch and compare for yourself. Do not let that others do it for you!

Haven’t you got entry? Ask to us through the contact section. We still have invitations!


Pira Charcoal Ovens, the original one, and with inimitable characteristics:

  • Charcoal Ovens with Piracold: cooling system and insulation that reduces the outside temperature, reduces coal consumption and makes more comfortable the work.
  • Charcoal Ovens with an integrated collector for oils and greases, and therefore the option to cook with grooved grills. The grooved grill allows you to cook without fear of flames and fires in delicate foods (fishes, some vegetables) and / or greasy foods (chicken, duck …).
  • Charcoal Ovens with fully panoramic glass that allows a perfect view. The chef opens less often the door (comfort at work), and at the same time at the open kitchens, allows to the customers see the dishes that the chef prepares while enjoying the vision of the embers and fire. The combination is perfect: comfort at work while the sense of the cooking spectacle is highlighted at maximum.
  • Charcoal Ovens with an air regulator and an internal firebreak integrated. Although external accessories are also available, and you can make multiple combinations.


If during these days you are in Barcelona or in South of Europe, do not miss one of the the most important annual events in Europe in the field of catering equipment and hospitality, HOSTELCO 2016.

See you there!

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