The new charcoal ovens and charcoal barbecues catalogue is now available.

In this new catalog are presented many novelties in models, accessories, charcoal, and also new lines of cookware in foundry and rustic cookware in clay.

Apart from the mentioned novelties, we have made a change in the nomenclature of the ovens. With the new nomenclature, the new references already define by themselves an important characteristic of the ovens: the width

Thus in this way the new references in the ovens are the following:


  • PIRA 70 LUX (oven of 70 cm wide that was formerly referenced as PIRA 45 LUX)
  • PIRA 70 XL LUX ( oven that is 70 cms wide but with more depth than the model PIRA 70 LUX, that was formerly referenced as PIRA 48 LUX)
  • PIRA 80 LUX (oven of 80 cms wide that was formerly referenced as PIRA 48 LUX)
  • PIRA 90 LUX (oven of 90 cms wide that was formerly referenced as PIRA 50 LUX)
  • PIRA 90 D LUX (oven of 90 cm wide, of two doors, and that was formerly referenced as PIRA 170 LUX)
  • PIRA 120 LUX (oven 120 cms wide)


Apart from these references, in the coming weeks we will be making the catalog presentation of other novelties presented at the recent fair of Hostelco 2016:

  • Ovens with SOLID DOOR, for all those who still prefer “to be on the dark side” and carry on cooking without seeing the cooking chamber.
  • Counter barbecues special for skewers, shaslik , yakitori, but also adaptable for cooking with grooved grills or rod grills.
  • Braziers specially designed for restaurants with NON STOP kitchen, and that need always loads of burning charcoal.

We will carry on inform you of each of these novelties as we present them.

To download the new catalogue you can use this link: CATALOG NOVEMBER 2016


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