Every day more and more restaurants orientate their cuisine to offer traditional and authentic flavors, which often by the same conception in the manufacture of the “modern” machinery of the restaurant put them in a second term, and are becoming difficult to find by the diner.

Like the famous Chef Martín Berasategui, awarded with 8 Michelin Stars, Chef Xavier Bernal, has very clear that the first thing of all is the honesty with the cuisine that he offers to his clients.

Chef Xavier Bernal, owner of the restaurant El Corral de Sant Quirze, located in an enclave where time seems to have stopped a few centuries ago, has very clear from the first day that in his Restaurant “the customer has to find the traditional and authentic flavor, without “substitutes”, that sometimes can imitate with more or less fortune, but never equate. If the customer makes the effort to come to this hidden and remote palce of the world, our obligation is to offer them the “authenticity” that they don’t find in their places of origin. To the client the trip has to be worth it, and he has to have a good memory of the trip, starting logically by the Restaurant.

The restaurant El Corral de Sant Quirze is located in the Natural Park of National Interest of the Massif of the Albera, in the Alt Empordà, near the village of Rabós. A few meters from the restaurant there is the Romanesque monastery of Sant Quirze de Colera, which makes the atmosphere of this unique restaurant unforgettable.

The Corral de Sant Quirze is, as its name suggests, an old corral reconstructed and conditioned as a restaurant, which gives it a rustic atmosphere and integrates perfectly the Restaurant in the landscape

The Menu of El Corral de Sant Quirze is based on traditional Catalan cuisine, very attached to the land and local products. Highlights the excellent snails, the mountain rice, grilled meats (lamb, chicken, pork …), the “escalibades” and the homemade desserts. And of course, all washed down with local good wines, for an excellent combination.

And to get the most authentic flavor of the grill, chef Xavier Bernal has chosen the barbecue BBQ-M120, equipped with grooved grills, to cook without fear of the flames and also the rotary grills, with which to roast large quantity of pieces at the same time with an unparalleled flavour. We emphasize the detail of being able to regulate the height of the charcoal hopper, which confers a high degree of control over the power of the embers.

We leave you with a video of our visit at the El Corral de Sant Quirze and we invite you to visit it and enjoy its gastronomy and its surroundings and landscapes. In the video you can see mainly how Chef Xavier Bernal cooks “without haste” with the rotary grill, placing for this reason the charcoal hopper at the lowest position.

We promise you that we ate it all!

El Corral de Sant Quirze
Paraje Natural de Interés Nacional de Macizo de la Albera
17754 – Rabós
T. 972 19 31 86

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