Pira Ovens monthly participates in several hospitality and catering exhibitions worldwide, from the most internationals, only nationals or the most local exhibitions, and is that the “Pira’s Flavour” every day arrives at more places, also the most hidden ones!

This week has concluded the most important Catering Equipment Exhibition in Croatia. Pra charcoal Ovens has been present with daily showcookings. Our distributor has confirmed that has been a success and all the visitors and appreciated and valorated the textures and flavours that “Tano”, our italian assessor chef coming from Barcelona by Somorrostro has aported at all the cooked dishes: rices, cereals and vegetables, fisches, and obviously meats!

Making use of this news, we inform that this week we will be present to another event, in this case is a local exhibition in Cartagena ( Spain ) with our local distributor.

And remember, the exhibitions are as our restaurants and ovens… the size can be bigger or smaller, but the flavour is always superb!

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