Specially for the burger’s addicts!

Today we want to talk about hamburgers. But not from any hamburger, if not from the best burgers.

The burger has never stopped being fashionable, but it is clear that we live in a time when the user already “demands the maximum”, and is that not all hamburgers are the same or have the same taste… The best Burger’s places worlwide apart to choose the best meat, the best complements, the best bread … know that the best flavor and texture is only achieved in a Pira Charcoal Oven … and is that not all the burger are the same!

As an example of an excellent burger’s place, we have the Sonora Sports Tavern, a Burger located in the leisure area of Poble Nou (Barcelona), a few meters from the music clubs as BeGood and Razzmatazz.

The place is decorated with a multitude of American sports images and symbols from the first half of the 20th century (baseball, soccer, basket) and with wood as the protagonist. As a sports bar, they offer the best events on their two giant high-definition screens, where you can enjoy with friends of the day’s party while savoring the best burger and a beer.

It has a large lounge and also with small reserved and a large bar, where you can taste up to 30 different types of beers. But what stands out most of the local are its well-known hamburgers and meats: Sonora, Super Sonora (180 g of pure beef), chicken wraps, bacon, beef and of course, a delicious T-Bone of 400 gr. which will delight the most carnivorous.

And from now on, the Sonora also has a Pira Charcoal Oven, in this case the model Pira-90 Lux Inox, which will add to their menu the real flavor of the embers. After the installation of the Pira oven, our assessor chef Toni Timpani visited the place to work during a service with the kitchen staff of Sonora, advising and solving the doubts that logically arise when it comes to a new appliance. And so that you have an idea of how is the work in Sonora, we leave you a video where you will see how busy the kitchen was that day.

Coming up two Super Sonorous and a chicken wrap!

Sonora Sports Tavern
C/ de Pamplona, 96-104
08018 Barcelona
T. 933 00 33 69

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