Pira Charcoal Ovens on the road!

We continue explaining about the Pira’s fairs and demonstrations throught the world. This time it is Innsbruck’s turn, in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps. There was held during the days 9 to 12 of March the Tiroler Frühjahrs Messe, a Exhibition dedicated to outdoor activities and leisure in general, among which highligh, obviously , the grilled cuisine.

Our chef Xavier Bernal has been there for the event, making showcookings nonstop with the Pira 120 LUX Inox oven, the largest charcoal oven of the world, causing a sensation among the attendees, who were able to check in situ the great capacity and speed of our charcoal ovens.

During the show, rice, meat and vegetables delighted visitors, who saw how the PIRA ovens are perfectly adapted to the different types of gastronomy, bringing the unique flavor of the grill to all kind of dishes.

Over the next few months, Pira will be present at different exhibitions, fairs and events around the world. Stay also tuned to our facebook page to keep you informed of the nearest Pira event.

See you soon!


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