We are pleased to announce the launch of a new product resulting from the indestructible union between the opinion and needs of the most reputed chefs with the original manufacturer.

With the new braziers, you’ll get at your kitchen all the ember you need from woods or charcoal.

The braziers are specially designed for restaurants with kitchens NON STOP where  must never missing the embers. In this way we avoid overloading the oven in an unnecessary way with large loads of charcoal, that the unique thing that do is a malbaratation of charcoal and energy, and even a malfunction of the cooking times and a possible unnecessary deterioration of the charcoal oven. Pira braziers also come to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs, who need to get embers from selected firewood and in precise quantities in the same restaurant.

Always have the embers ready for your oven with the new Pira Braziers.

Pira braziers are presented in two versions: Pira BRA 60 and Pira BRA 80




The braziers are equipped with two chambers, to deposit firewood or charcoal directly, an internal firebreak, poker and integrated air-flow regulator.

All braziers have the option of the specially designed table for each model.

Always have the embers ready for your charcoal oven with the new Pira Braziers.


Be original, be Pira.

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