Pira presents the new gastronorm tray 2/4 grill of 2.5 cm of high.

This new and exclusive tray is made of gravity cast aluminum, like all our entire range of professional aluminumware, which sets it apart from most commercial aluminumware offered by other brands that are not prepared to withstand high temperatures of the coals.

The GN tray 2/4 Grill has been ideated to be used in large hotel chains, resorts, tematic or exclusive restaurants, cruises etc. to present the most exquisite meats and grilled fish, and thanks to its great size and design lets to expose the dish and its accompaniment with all the comfort. In addition, the cast aluminum keeps the temperature for a long time, allowing diners to enjoy the food warm.

If you want to know all our range of professional aluminum, please visit our aluminium cookware page.

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