Half grills for the Pira Ovens and Pira BBQS

Pira continues to innovate in the field of the cooking in embers, this time with accessories that help our customers to take full advantage of the capabilities of our charcoal ovens and our charcoal barbecues.

We present the new half grilling sizes for the Pira Charcoal Ovens and the Pira Charcoal Barbecues that allow better use of the cooking useful space in the Pira Oven and in the Pira bbq, and a greater flexibility to cook different style of dishes at the same time.

For the charcoal ovens, there is a split or separator accessory for the models Pira 80 LUX, Pira 90 LUX, Pira 120 LUX and Pira 90D LUX, that allows to divide in two the chamber of cooking and to use different types of grills and griddles, as well as to regulate these half grills at different heights.

The divider accessory comes in two versions, with four and seven guides. With the option of four guides, we can divide the camera only for the first four heights and place complete grills in the upper guides. With the accessory of seven guides, we divide the cooking chamber completely into two halves and work exclusively with the new half-grills.

With this practical accessory and the half-grills, you can at the same time cook with a standar or rod grill and cook a delicate fish or a duck breast on a grooved grill. Or also dedicate a half of the oven to the cooking on griddle while still roasting in the other half. The possibilities are multiple and the Pira charcoal Ovens become practical multitasking ovens where the limit is only put by the skill and imagination of the chef.

For Pira barbecues, we have developed also half-rod grills, half-grooved grills and half-griddles, which fit at these three models of our catalog: Pira BBQ-M80, Pira BBQ-M120 and Pira BBQ-M150. Now the barbecues come equipped with intermediate hooks, so you can use the half grills without any extra accessories. As an example, we show you a series of photographs of the different combinations that can be made in a BBQ-M150.

With the new half-grills and the Pira’s splitter accessory, only the chef put the limit.

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