Rakel Cernicharo – Top Chef

Pira with the best chefs

In Pira Charcoal Ovens we have been interested since the beginning in establishing direct contact with the most recognized and awarded chefs: with the best chefs.

One of the results of this relationship with the best chefs, is precisely a constant development and evolution of the Pira Charcoal Ovens. In Pira we are at the service of the chefs and their needs.

At the same time, and it is important to remember, in spite of the constant innovation of our ovens with the most advanced technology and design, another premise of PIRA is always maintain reasonable prices.

And it is that our charcoal ovens have to be within reach of the most important restaurants, but also of the restaurants “without awards or stars” that also wish to offer the best grilling to the customers, and that are the majority of the restaurants. The flavor of the grill or the “Pira Flavor” must be within reach of any restaurant that wish to have it.

In this sense, we are pleased to announce that since a few weeks ago the renowned chef Rakel Cernicharo is already using the latest novelty of Pira Charcoal Ovens.

Rakel, also recognized to be the recent winner of the television show TOP CHEF, owns the Restaurant KARAK. Located in old town of Valencia is with no doubt one of the most important restaurants right now in Spain, and not for the reputation, design of the place or the design of the menu … which are obviously more than spectacular, it is for its innovative cuisine that It leaves overwhelmed all those who have the pleasure of tasting it.

Since its begining, KARAK incorporated the best “PIRA FLAVOUR” with the charcoal oven  PIRA 70 LUX INOX. The results have been so satisfactory that from since few weeks the chef Rakel Cernicharo has decided to expand the importance of the contrasts and nuances of the “PIRA FLAVOUR” in the menu with an oven of greater capacity, more possibilities and with the latest functional novelties. It is the charcoal oven PIRA 90 LUX ED, equipped with half grills and lifting door.

The oven is located in the most exclusive area of the restaurant, where diners can watch live as the chef prepares her dishes with the help of the PIRA oven. At the Rakel’s already insurmountable spectacle by direct showcooking must be added the visual sensation of the diner who can see the fire through the glass door of the oven.

We remember all the advantages of the ovens with lifting door and half grills:

  • With the system of half grills, the chef can cook at different levels and with different types of grill as needed.
  • With the lifting door system, the space between the chef and the oven is significantly reduced, adding even more comfort in the work area
  • The lifting door system implies a drastic reduction of the dirt on the glass, by not dropping any drops on it.
  • In addition ED ovens, ovens with lifting door, are equipped with a quick and easy access system for cleaning the glass, which allows in just few minutes to leave the glass perfectly clean after a full busy day of work.
  • Being a model with a lifting door, the glass can not be broken as consequence to drop objects on it,  or as consequence to use the glass door as platform to plating the food.

We leave you a small selection of photos and a video of Rakel Cernicharo in her restaurant with the well-known chefs Richard Alcayde and Jordi Bataller, cooking for all of us and explaining for herself, the advantages that made that among all the possible options, her choice was PIRA CHARCOAL OVENS.


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