Pira at Gastronomica Alicante 2019

Pira Stand at Gastronomica Alicante

Alicante Gastronómica is an exposition held at the IFA (Institución Ferial Alicantina) where haute cuisine chefs offer tastings, workshops and show-cooking.

Pira Charcoal Ovens could not miss such an event, and we have been there with HostelBe presenting our three lines of charcoal oven.

During the event we had very special visits such as those of Tomas Lopez, Daniel Garcia and Susi Díaz, owner of La Finca restaurant in Elche or Rakel Cernicharo, winner of TopChef and owner of the restaurant KARAK in Valéncia. You can find out more about Rakel and why she chose PIRA by reading the report that we dedicated to her when she bought a PIRA 90 ED charcoal oven.

The fair has also featured the show-cookings of our assessor chefs Jordi Bataller and Richard Alcayde who have prepared authentic delights with the PIRA charcoal oven throughout the event.

In PIRA we are very proud that great chefs choose us, and we continue working to bring to the whole world the unique qualities of our charcoal ovens, such as panoramic glass or the PiraCold insulation system that lengthen the life of the coal and allows chefs to work more comfortably in the kitchen because the temperatures are not as high as other ovens around them.
We show next images about events that take place during the fair.