Pira expansion in Colombia with Javar support

Pira Charcoal Ovens is growing in several countries in South America, Colombia is one of the countries with highest expansion, where the work hand in hand with Javar, is making Pira Charcoal Ovens to become a reference in the restaurant sector. Different kinds of restaurants are adquiring a Pira, from small restaurants where the grill is a reinforcement to the main line of the menu to restaurants that make the grill its main attraction, and among all of them, a very special restaurant, that of the chef awarded with a Michelin star, Koldo Miranda, who in Colombia, has also joined the #PiraFlavour .

It was in his last restaurant opened in Bogotá, “Cuarto Frio“, where chef Koldo Miranda decided to put a Pira 90ED. The reasons why he choose a Pira are very clear, and is that no other oven offers all the features that Pira has, such as the half grills, the grooved grill, the grease collector, the PiraCold system for greater comfort in the kitchen, the lifting panoramic door, which brings comfort and space, or the fact that in an open kitchen adds a spectacularity that customers always appreciate.

Koldo is a chef open to new techniques and who has never stopped traveling, he has been in Japan, Thailand, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, Colombia, the northern part of Europe, always learning his culinary traditions.

In 2004 after having gone through some first class restaurants, such as the Zortzico, the Tragabuches, or Casa Gerardo, Koldo decided to open his first restaurant, the Koldo Miranda, which led him to be a finalist for the Madrid-Fusión revelation chef award in 2006, and in 2007 re received the prized Michelin star.

In 2012 he was in charge of the catering at the Niemeyer Center, initiating a project to promote Asturias through its cuisine, which is why he decided to locate the restaurant D’Miranda in the tower of the Niemeyer center. In this restaurant you could find all the influences of the kitchens with which Koldo had been experimenting over the years, obtaining an amazing product of the highest quality.

After leaving the Niemeyer center, Koldo undertakes a new project for one of his favorite lands, Colombia. There he opened the restaurant Gamberro, where he presents a very creative author kitchen, careful with the presentation and also the cooking processes. Later, at the end of 2018, in Bogotá, he opened the restaurant Taska, where he offers a very urban cuisine, and as is traditional in it, with winks from different countries. Finally, in 2019, also in Bogotá, it opens “Cuarto Frio“, here it shows a product kitchen, less technical, more pure and natural, all shown under the perspective of a chef, hence the name of the restaurant. In this restaurant with open kitchen is where Koldo decides that a Pira 90ED will be the ideal ally to deal with the treatment he wants to give to the products.

The trajectory of Koldo is full of achievements and it is a great satisfaction that chefs of recognized prestige like Koldo trust us, we are sure that the oven will widely fulfill its expectations.

Pira Charcoal Ovens, for its functionalities, uniqueness and features, is becoming the reference brand worldwide and very soon in your business.