In the catering world, grilling has become a key differentiation, and the #piraflavour by #piraovens, despite being in the time of COVID-19, continues expanding and serving regularly in more than 50 countries.

A clear lesson of the times we live in, is that customers want authenticity, without substitutes.

Responding to multiple chefs concerns all around the world, we expanded the 2021 catalog introducing a series of novelties that will mark the grilling trend for the next year.


  • The new PIRA 120D SD/ED charcoal oven model in #PiraSilverLine and #PiraLuxLine versions. To date, the largest charcoal oven in the world was the PIRA 120 model in all its versions… at PIRA we started to imagine… bigger… and bigger, and we designed a charcoal oven that has finally doubled its immediate predecessor capacity!

  • The new charcoal barbecue model, PIRA COMBI LUX 150. This barbecue is born to give the máximum show in the kitchen while preserving all the versatility and functionality that all our #PiraBBQ models offers. Spectacular island-type model with multiple types of mobile grills, central warming column…

  • Addition of a new cooking utensil, the special sheets for cooking pizzas with a Pira Charcoal Ovens.

What do you imagine…? It does not exist? we will invent it!

Do you need a chef…? We have it!

And stay tuned… because the #piralovers demand… and we keep imagining…