It is important to know the advantages of each type of door in order to choose the most suitable one for your kitchen.

When choosing a charcoal oven, one of the questions lot of people ask is which door is the most suitable for them. Pira Charcoal Ovens is the only company on the market that has three different doors to meet all the needs of its customers:

Solid door:

  • Makes easier cleaning the oven, one product for all surfaces.
  • You can use the door as a table to leave products when it is open.

Drop-down door with glass:

  • You can see the inside while cooking, allowing you to control the preparation of the dishes. In case of a flame, you can detect it immediately and solve it.
  • You do not have to open the door continuously, thus avoiding the loss of temperature that affects cooking and wastes charcoal.
  • In customer-facing kitchens, it offers the spectacle of watching the food being cooked.
  • You cannot use the door as a plating table when it is open because of the risk of breaking the glass.

Lift-up door with glass:

  • In the same way as the hinged door with glass, you can see inside the oven while cooking.
  • By opening vertically, you save the space taken up by the hinged door when it is open, which is very suitable for narrow kitchens.
  • Since you can’t use the door as a table, the oven has a built-in side table available in two sizes.
  • The glass does not get dirty because oil and food residues and leftovers do not fall on the open door.

As you can see, there is a door for every kitchen. If you are still not sure which door is the most suitable for you, you can send an email to and our advisors will give you a hand.