Once again, Pira Charcoal Ovens has outdone itself and improved its range of clay cookware. This range is handmade, piece-by-piece; the Premium quality from the clay used can withstands high cooking temperature without affecting the taste of the dishes. The clay used is even purer and with a high refractory quality without any ferritic elements to ensure molecular structure. It retains heat very well so the dish on the table remains hot for a longer period.

The aesthetic of the new range is rustic, respecting the original colour of the clay but with modern lines and perfect symmetry. For the first time the largest models (25cm or bigger) you will find the Pira logo individually stamped to be sure that the piece that you are holding in your hands is original. We make the difference, do not accept imitations. As a gesture towards its customers, Pira has maintained the price of the whole range in these times when the price of raw materials is constantly rising.

You will be able to improve the preparation and presentation of your dishes without having to invest a lot of money on it, #PiraFlavour within everyone´s reach.

The new range is available in seven different sizes: 12cm, 15 cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 36cm y 40cm.

You can order the new kitchenware by mail at info@piraovens.com and you can find more information as always on our website www.piracharcoalovens.com.