The tongs are possibly the most used accessories by the professional chefs along the day. The long working hours per day and the complex elaborations, any small failure into the design can carry on injuries or accidents; for that reason our specialists have been working together with our Chef Assessors into the creation of a new tongs generation that can cover all needs.

The new tongs are light and you can manage them easily avoiding the tension created in your forearm and hands. We have design some different tongs models for directly work with the oven and plating.

  • Fork tongs: Fork-shaped tongs for maximum adherence, specially created to work with big and heavy food pieces. Unlike other brands, these tongs will allow the grill to be pulled and pushed out of the charcoal oven avoiding unnecessary burns.
  • Flat tongs: Same size as fork tongs but with a flat tip, to take care of most delicate pieces. They also allow you to handle the oven completely safe.
  • Precision serving tongs: Specially designed to serve with maximum precision, easy to handle with minimum effort and avoiding tweaks.

All of them manufactured with top-quality material, easy to clean and tough. You can check how they work on live with the following video.

If you need further information or you want to visit our showroom you can contact us by phone (+34 936 373 174). WhatsApp (+34 680 586 823) or through our email (

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