One of the basic elements at any charcoal oven are the chimney kit or the external firebreaker, they provide safety and help cooling down the temperature of the smoke exit. Pira Charcoal Ovens manufacture its own patented and exclusivity designed chimney kits with top quality materials. However, quality must not be at odds with functionality, we have ensured that our demountable chimney kits are the easiest to assemble, disassembled and clean with water or with the dishwasher, making the job easier for our customers.

We have 180mm and 210mm diameter chimney kits, up to 6 possible different combinations, adapting all heights and needs. You can see them all in the following video and you can find more information at our website. If you need advice on which is the best suited for your kitchen you can contact our Pira Chef Assessors through our phone (+34 936 373 174), WhatsApp (+34 680 586 823) or email address (