The Top Chef oven in your home

Rakel Cernicharo already have it at her home, what are you waiting for?

Rakel Cernicharo, winner of the fourth edition of the Top Chef program, chef of the Karak restaurant in Valencia and owner of a Sol Repsol, trusts PIRA Charcoal Ovens for her home and does it with a PIRA 50 Black. The PRO SERIES FOR HOME is designed for domestic use but with all the features of a professional charcoal oven for the home. They are the first charcoal ovens designed by and for barbecue lovers who want to push their limits.

We talk about a home oven because the size is specially designed for the home, but in reality, they are truly professional ovens in performance and quality. Already before its public launch period, and thanks to the presentations at international fairs, numerous restaurants around the world, many of them with Michelin Stars or Repsol Suns already have it in their kitchens, in order to be able to offer with the PIRA 50 LUX or PIRA 50 SILVER oven the unmistakable PIRAFLAVOUR, so characteristic of PIRA grill ovens.

Do you grill? Look no further!

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