The Pira ovens have an internal air-flow regulator and internal firebreak. Therefore, the ovens are ready to work from the first time, simply by placing them under a hood. The diameter of the output are 150, 180 or 200 mm, depending on the models.

So, if you want to install a PIRA charcoal oven in a kitchen beside the other cooking elements, and although our oven has firewalls and the air-flow regulator device incorporated , we recommend install the oven with the external firebreak, the external air-flow regulator, and the hat.

The external firebreak like the inner firebreak, avoids any possibility that flames or sparks can go out the chimney. But as these devices are visible to the naked eye there is no possibility of turning on the oven without noticing its absence.

In view of the existing legislation in some countries, there is also the possibility to purchase these accessories as external elements in the oven. The regulations in most countries indicate that there has to exist an independent exit for smokes coming from solid fuels (firewood and charcoal) and in some cases requires that the firebreak be visible to the naked eye, so we must always observe the applicable law. So acording the local regulations and customer needs, the outlet vent kit can be adapted to all situations.

All PIRA ovens must be installed under a hood for greater efficiency in the air-flow There are two possibilities:

  • The first option would be to install a direct air shot, ignoring even any kit chimney accessory from the oven smoke exit to the outside. However, we need to use a extraction hood for an efficient extraction of the smokes that come out of the oven when opening the door.
  • The second option, and the most common is to use the chimney kit in its many versions.

The components and possible chimney kit versions are:

Adapter + Coupler ring + Ext. firebreak + Inox Hat
Adapter + Ext. Airflow regulator + Ext. firebreak + Inox Hat


Slightly lowers the temperature of the smoke, ensuring better air throw and it is a extra supplemental security because does not let anything come into the oven through the chimney.



Same as the inner firebreak prevents any spark or flame leaving the oven, and prevents that from entering the ventilation ducts.


Regulates the air-flow with an external device, and moreover its own way of tube also ensures better air circulation.



It’s necessary to place when we install the external firebreak without the external air-flow regulator device.



Reduces diameter of the smoke exit & hot air, from 180 mm to 150 mm.


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