When you choose a PIRA charcoal oven, it is important to clear the needs of the restaurant where will be placed, and performance that is expected of it. Once we clear the needs and taking into account the space available for placing the oven, the oven will be chosen according to their performance and size.

The PIRA-70 LUX model is perfect for bars, small restaurants or establishments where the grill is a complement in the menu.

The PIRA-70XL LUX, PIRA 80 LUX and PIRA 90 LUX models are suitable for all types of establishments: bars, restaurants, hotels …. We have to adjust our choice of the oven at the establishment’s service capacity.

The PIRA 120 LUX and PIRA 90D LUX models, for its size and performance, are mainly acquired by great restaurants, hotels and establishments dedicated to banquets and catering.

PIRA-70 LUX 706x613x690 90 585x465
PIRA-70 LUX ED 706x645x690 90 585x465
PIRA-70 LUX XL 706x685x690 100 585x535
PIRA-70 LUX XL ED 800x722x690 100 585x535
PIRA-80 LUX 805x685x690 115 685x535
PIRA-80 LUX ED 900x722x690 115 685x535
PIRA-90 LUX 910x795x855 130 780x625
PIRA-90 LUX ED 1000x835x855 130 780x625
PIRA-120 LUX 1200x795x855 175 1060x625
PIRA-120 LUX ED 1300x835x855 175 1060x625
PIRA-90 D LUX 900x795x1825 150 780x645


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