fuo - smoke elimination system

Pira, in addition to its catalog of extraction hoods also offers the FUO system.

FUO is an innovative system of total elimination of smoke and up to 80% of odors produced when turning on the oven or barbecue. FUO system design, makes this particularly effective in addition to the ovens or barbecues, for any other type of filtration, smokes or wet vapors generated by cooking in industrial kitchens, which have to retain heavy oils. Its design has corrected all deficiencies or incidents produced for years by conventional electrostatic equipment.

FUO is a tubular electrostatic filter that works by ionization of the suspended particles, which thus are attracted toward the negative electrode (ions produced are positive). This ionization occurs through an intense electric field, large enough to produce the called “corona effect”, ie, high enough to produce ionization, but not so large as to cause a discharge by arching. The main advantages of this type of filter are its usually high efficiency combined with a very low gas flow obstruction. A tubular scrubber is a unit having a single stage, so it has all the gases passing through the electrode region. The electrode operates at a high voltage across the tube length and the current varies along the same as the particles are collected by the system.

FUO performance is superior to any other filtration equipment for smokes from industrial kitchens. The equipment has an initial diffusion phase that matches and distributes the laminar gas flow for all the tubes exercise maximum efficiency. Subsequently the gases pass through the tubes at a constant speed and are swept by a flow of electrons. With no need for other phases of pre-filtering equipment it offers no obstacle to the passage of gases, generating a loss of load negligible.

Real Case:

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